PRA Students Are Thankful

PROP hosted another successful Family Fun Night in conjunction with “Sir Readalot” Book Fair last month. One of the activities encouraged students to write what they are thankful for on a colorful paper leaf that was then displayed on a tree in the multipurpose room.

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Many children expressed thanks for family members and friends.  Some appreciated practical items like food, water, and their homes, while one picked a less tangible item to be thankful for: playing music. Fall and nature were mentioned, as we all enjoy the shift to cooler weather.

The Painted Rock Academy administration greatly appreciates those who showed gratitude for the school and the teachers and staff, and we are particularly touched by the student who wrote that he was thankful “for my mom putting me into this school.”  It is an honor and a privilege to work with your children and watch them grow.

As we work together to help kids learn, we hope all our students will have the confidence of the student who wrote he was thankful for “my awesome knowledge.”  Perhaps we had a part in supplying that knowledge!  Thank you, parent volunteers,  for your dedication in providing fun activities like the fall festival that encourage our students and bring families together.

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