Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How much does tuition cost at Painted Rock Academy?

There is no tuition charged at Painted Rock Academy. Charter schools are funded through tax revenue on a per-pupil basis, for all students in half-day kindergarten through eighth grade. Tuition is charged for the optional afternoon kindergarten program.

FAQ: Are Painted Rock Academy teachers highly qualified?

Yes. The school meets all Arizona Department of Education requirements for Highly Qualified Teachers. Teacher credentials and qualifications are available for public review in the school office.

FAQ: What are the school hours and school year schedule?

School starts at 8:00 for all students.  Half-day kindergarten students are released at 11:05 a.m.  First and second grade classes end at 2:15 p.m.  All other students are released at 3:15 p.m. The school year generally runs from mid-August to late May.

A complete listing of school hours and the exact dates for the current school year’s schedule and holidays are listed on the School Year Calendar.


Additionally, we offer before and after school care programs to help you plan your schedule.


FAQ: What are the boundaries for attending your school?

Public charter schools do not use boundaries for enrollment; you may apply to our school no matter where in Arizona you live.

FAQ: Does Painted Rock Academy supply transportation to and from school?

Painted Rock Academy does not supply transportation. Students from all parts of the valley attend Painted Rock Academy, making busing very difficult. The school is located near city bus routes. Parents unable to arrange transportation at designated times may take advantage of the before and after school programs.


FAQ: Do Painted Rock Academy students wear uniforms?

Yes, uniforms are required at Painted Rock Academy. The uniforms are simple, modest, affordable, and available at many local stores. Polo shirts and turtlenecks in green, white, light blue, or navy blue are worn with navy blue or khaki skirts, skorts, shorts, or pants. A detailed uniform policy is printed in the student handbook or click the button below.


FAQ: Does Painted Rock Academy have a lunch program?

Yes. Hot, nutritional lunches, complete with a salad bar, are available each day.

FAQ: Is the school financially stable?

Absolutely. Painted Rock Academy employs professionals to perform financial management services. The Board of Directors reviews financial records each month and hires an independent accountant to audit the financial records each year. Financial information is open to the public and may be viewed in the front office.

FAQ: Where do parents fit in?

All parents and guardians are automatically members of PROP, the Painted Rock Academy Organization of Parents, which coordinates many of the school’s volunteer activities. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s education. Parents may assist in classrooms as in other schools, but unlike other schools, parents have a definite voice in textbook selection, curriculum changes, and many policies and procedures.


FAQ: Are there programs available before and after school?

Yes. There are three optional extensions to the school day available. For Kindergarten students, we offer All Day Kindergarten for a fee. First and second graders may participate in the Academic Arcade.  All K-8 students may join Boulder Club, our main before and after school care program.


FAQ: Are extra-curricular activities available?

Yes. Extracurricular activities are available based on student interest and teacher availability. To find out more about the extracurricular activities that we offer, please click the button below:


FAQ: Does Painted Rock Academy have Pep Rallies and pull-out programs?

Yes, at times, but these programs are carefully scheduled to avoid interruptions to the school day. Students attend one field trip per year. Classroom interruptions are kept to a minimum, and academic time is treasured.

FAQ: How can I donate to Painted Rock Academy?

Donations are always greatly appreciated. You may donate directly to Reid Traditional School’s Painted Rock Academy by mailing a check to Painted Rock Academy, or you may call the school office. Most donations are tax deductible. And — thank you.

Do You Have Other Questions?

We are looking forward to being of service and hearing from you.  If there are any other questions we can answer for you, or if you would like to schedule a tour of Painted Rock Academy with your child, please contact us:

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