6th Grade Visited by Air Force Veteran

Retired Air Force veteran Don Irwin made a virtual visit to PRA 6th graders to speak about the history of the Armed Forces. They discussed the branches of the military and the technical innovations and personal contributions throughout history that led to today’s U.S. Air Force. It was a timely presentation, occurring in the week before Veterans Day, giving students a better context for the holiday. Even by video, Mr. Irwin made an impression on the students. When asked what they would say to a veteran, some students replied, “I would say thank you for protecting us and our country, for serving in wars, and for getting stronger and more advanced through perseverance and self-sacrifice” and “Thank you for protecting our country… Protecting the country is brave! Thank you to those who have served or given their lives to fight for freedom and rights.” Thank you, Mr. Irwin, for sharing your story with our class this week. We love our veterans!

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