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Welcome to Reid Traditional Schools’ Painted Rock Academy, an ‘A’ Rated school ranked at the highest level by the Arizona Department of Education. We offer students an accelerated back-to-basics and traditional education that provides them with a traditional foundation for the future.  Painted Rock Academy is a tuition-free public charter school within the Reid Traditional Schools family. Our schools have been consistently ranked among the best schools in Arizona. We offer enrollment to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, and we offer a private preschool for four-year-old children.

Our Mission:
To offer back-to-basics, traditional education
by providing a challenging, sequential, teacher-directed,
standards-based, textbook-driven curriculum
supported by individual accountability and
high academic and behavioral standards.

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00  p.m., Monday through Thursday. 
We are closed June 29 to July 3.
CALENDAR NOTES: August 6th is the first day of school!

Do you LOVE or LOATHE Back to School shopping? If you fall in to the latter group, we are excited to announce our partnership with EduKit to make the Back to School shopping a breeze! In a nutshell, EduKit purchases all of your child’s supplies and ships them directly to the school before our first day back.

Use this link, enter your child’s name and grade, and place your order. Prices range from $19 to $99 depending on the grade level. Please note that these kits do NOT include personal items such as backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, tennis shoes, and art smocks. They also do not include donation items for the specials classes and kitchen.

Purchasing an EduKit is not required. If you LOVE to do your own shopping, you are more than welcome to do so. Grade level supply lists can be found here.

To get the lowest pricing and have FREE SHIPPING TO THE SCHOOL, orders must be placed by JUNE 15th. Extended ordering is available June 16 – July 5 for an additional fee, and your kit will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins.

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact PROP President Elizabeth Brown at

Painted Rock Academy Named Charter School of the Year

The Arizona Charter Schools Association has named Painted Rock Academy the 2017 Charter School of the Year, stating the school has “established itself as a model of consistency” in its academics, continuing to earn “A” ratings every year the labels have been given. The Association stated “a stable, committed group of teachers and strong parental involvement are the hallmarks of Painted Rock’s success.”
Read the full press release here. Congratulations to Principal Joshua Bauer and Assistant Principal Robin Harper, along with the PRA faculty, staff, students, and parents whose teamwork and dedication earned the school this well-deserved honor.

Teacher Compensation Information

At Reid Traditional Schools, we treasure our teachers. We offer premium benefits to our staff, including Arizona State Retirement and almost free PPO health coverage. In addition to fully stocking paper and supplies, the Board of Directors reimburses teachers $100 per year for anything they spend on their classrooms, thus minimizing any out-of-pocket costs for teacher extras. We offer every teacher up to $100 for approved Professional Development costs.   We also maintain staffing to ensure that teachers do not have lunchroom or recess duties during the school day, so they have productive time during the work day for planning and other tasks.

Unlike most district and charter schools, we maintain transparency in the faculty pay scale, and we continue to use a fair and easy to understand pay grid. Since this scale was put in place prior to 2000, we have consistently honored our commitment to providing teachers raises as promised and expected. During the recession, we were forced to freeze the pay scale only one time, while many schools froze salaries for almost a decade.

The average base salary of all teachers employed in the budget year 2020 is $48,768.
The average base salary of all teachers employed in the prior year 2019 was $46,446.
The increase in average teacher salary from the prior year is $2019 was $2,322, which is a 5% increase.
The average salary of all teachers employed in FY2018 was $42,764, for a total percentage increase since FY2018 of 14.0%.

These average salaries are affected by changes in personnel.  All returning teachers have received a 15% increase between FY2018 and FY2020.  The average salary does not include retirement, insurance, and other benefits.

Our attention to the well-being and satisfaction of our faculty has resulted in a very high teacher retention rate. We honor and protect our teachers; they are our most important asset.

Public Meeting Notices:
To view our Public Meeting Notice statement, Meeting Notices, and Agendas, click here.

Az Dept of Education - A Rating

“A” Rating for Painted Rock Academy

The Arizona Department of Education has announced preliminary letter grades for the 2016-17 school year, and, as always, Reid Traditional Schools’ Painted Rock Academy and Reid Traditional Schools’ Valley Academy both received an “A” letter grade. In our organization’s 20+-year history, our schools have never received less than the highest possible ranking. While we are […]

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clear glass trophy for Arizona Charter school of the year in front of School, Reid Traditional Schools' Painted Rock Academy

PRA Accepts Charter School of the Year Award

RTS Painted Rock Academy Principal Josh Bauer, pictured here with Arizona Charter Schools Association president Eileen Sigmund,  formally accepted the award for 2017 Arizona Charter School of the Year at a luncheon hosted by the ACSA. Ms. Sigmund stated the honorees “embody the promise of public charter schools and work tirelessly every day to improve […]

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Drop off awning 2

PROP Installs New Shade Awnings

New shade structures have made working after-school pickup and cheering for the Painted Rock Hawks much more pleasant this fall.  Thanks to our generous Painted Rock Academy families, the Painted Rock Academy Organization of Parents was able to install awnings over the north pickup waiting area and over the sports court bleachers.  Thank you, PROP […]

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