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“Hall of Excellence”

Reid Traditional Schools has a proven record of academic and extracurricular achievement. We are proud of the recent accomplishments achieved by bPainted Rock Academy. Here are just some of the achievements and awards we have received:

[threecol_one]Achievements - Valley Academy Charter School of the Year[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

2017 Charter School of the Year

Reid Traditional Schools’ Painted Rock Academy was awarded the 2017 Charter School of the Year by the Arizona Charter Schools Association.




Best Charter Middle School

The Phoenix Business Journal honored Painted Rock Academy with the badge “2020 Best Charter Middle School in the Phoenix Area.”


[threecol_one]Az Dept of Education - A Rating PAINTED ROCK ACADEMY[/threecol_one]


Rated “A” by the Arizona Department of Education

Since its inception, Reid Traditional Schools’ Painted Rock Academy has never received anything less than an “A” Rating from the Arizona Department of Education.


[threecol_one]Valley Academy Spalding Accredidation[/threecol_one]


Spalding Education International Accreditation

Painted Rock Academy is proud to be accredited by Spalding Education International. This voluntary process signifies that the school has formally adopted The Spalding Method as its basic language arts program and is committed to increasing student achievement through ongoing Spalding Staff Development. In order to qualify for Spalding accreditation, the school must have a Spalding Certified Teacher at each grade level and at least one Spalding Certified Teacher Instructor to provide on-site Spalding training for teachers. SEI Accreditation has been proven to increase student achievement and provides evidence that the school staff has met rigorous external standards for The Spalding Method of language arts instruction.


[threecol_one]Achievements - Top 2 Percent of Arizona Schools[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

2013 Top 2% of Arizona schools in Student Academic Growth

Reid Traditional Schools’ Painted Rock Academy was ranked in the top 2% of Arizona schools in Student Academic Growth. This category goes beyond looking at the students’ end-of-year scores and measures how far they progressed from their scores at the beginning of the school year.


[threecol_one]Achievements - Business Leader of the Year - Heidi Mitchell CEO Reid Traditional Schools[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

2010 Arizona Charter Schools Association Business Leader of the Year, CEO Heidi Mitchell

The Arizona Charter Schools Association has honored Ms. Heidi Mitchell, CEO of Reid Traditional Schools, as Business Leader of the Year for 2010.


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