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Phonograms are in bold ( Pronunciation keys are in parenthesis ) Phonogram notes are in italics

a (ă, ā, ah)
c (k, s)
d (d)
f (f) often doubled r. 17
g (g, j)
o (ŏ, ō, oˉo)
s (s, z) often doubled r. 17
qu (kw)
b (b)
e (ĕ, ē)
h (h)
i (ĭ, ī)
j (j)
k (k)
l (l)
m (m)
n (n)
p (p)
r (r )
t (t)
u (ŭ, ū, o˘o)
v (v)
w (w)
x (ks)
y (y, ĭ, ī) y not I @ the end r.6
z (z)
sh (sh) used @ beginning & end
ee (ē)
th (th, th) (thin, this)
ow (ow, ō)
ou (ow, ō , oˉo, ŭ)
oo (oˉo, o˘o)
ch (ch, k, sh)
ar (ar)
ay (ā) 2 letter (used @ end)
ai (ā) (not used@ end)
oy (oy) (used @ end)
oi (oi) (not used@ end)
er (er) of her
ir (er) of first
ur (er) of nurse
wor (er) of works
ear (er) of early
ng (ng)
ea (ē, ĕ, ā)
aw (aw) (used@ end)
au (au) (not used@ end)
or (or)
ck (k) (used after a single vowel)
wh (hw)
ed (ĕd, d, t)
ew (oˉo, ū) (used@ end)
ui (oˉo, ū) (not used@ end)
oa (ō) of boat
gu (g)
ph (f) 2 letter
ough (ō, oˉo, ŭf, ŏf, aw, ow)
oe (ō) of toe
ey (ā, ē, ĭ)
igh (ī) 3 letter
kn (n) only at the beginning
gn (n) both at beginning & end
wr (r ) 2 letter
ie (ē, ī, ĭ)
dge (j) (used after a single vowel)
ei (ē, ā, ĭ)
eigh (ā) 4 letter
ti (sh) tall letter
si (sh, zh)
ci (sh) short letter

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