What is Traditional Education?

Do you believe in a basic and limited
curriculum? Do you believe that both parents
and teachers should have a say in the
educational process? Do you believe that
children should be held accountable for their
actions at school, even though it means
establishing “tough” consequences? Do you
want a safe environment that features a warm,
congenial atmosphere that is also firm and
fair?  If you answered “yes” to these questions,
you probably believe in traditional education.
However, there is more to it than this.

Painted Rock Academy is established as a traditional style school. It gives parents an alternative to the regular neighborhood school. We have a “back to the basics” format in which much emphasis is placed on reading, writing (penmanship and creative writing), and mathematics.

Following are some of the principles guiding Painted Rock Academy as a traditional school:

  1. Painted Rock Academy will create an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence.
  2. Painted Rock Academy will teach students to read, write, speak, spell, and compute accurately and effectively.
  3. Teachers will train students in the logical application of the scientific method.
  4. Teachers will challenge students to do their best by requiring that all work be done properly and on time.
  5. Students will learn the fundamental principles of citizenship, discipline, respect, and personal responsibility.
  6. Students will know and understand our history, heritage, and government.
  7. Painted Rock Academy will help students develop strong morals and excellent character.
  8. Painted Rock Academy will help students develop a spirit of individual achievement and appropriate competition.

In order to accomplish these guiding principles, we use methods that set us apart from other schools and from the heart of traditional education.

Our methods include:

  1. We offer an advanced curriculum.
    • Our early reading and language arts program is based on an intense phonics system, which has proven to be highly successful.
    • The curriculum is standardized throughout the grade levels.
    • Emphasis is placed on dictation, memorization, recitation, and whole-group teaching techniques.
    • Creative writing is encouraged. Teachers grade the mechanics as well as the content.
  2. Traditional methods of teaching are encouraged.
    • Drill and practice are a regular part of the educational program.
    • Meaningful homework is a regular part of the school day for all students. Homework reinforces work that has been practiced in the classroom so that students will be able to experience success along with challenge.
    • Sufficient practice is given to each concept to ensure that it is mastered.
    • Parents are involved in the learning process.
    • Classroom arrangement highlights individual achievement and accomplishment.
  3. The entire school is structured to support academic achievement.
    • Classroom interruptions are kept to a minimum. Pull-out programs are avoided. Announcements are scheduled.
    • Self-contained, structured classrooms emphasize appropriate student behavior. Each classroom provides a quiet, orderly atmosphere in which learning can occur.
    • Parents are involved in the development and implementation of school programs. A strong parent organization is key to the success of a traditional school.
  4. Painted Rock Academy provides a safe, wholesome environment.
    • All teachers strictly enforce discipline as a team.
    • A strong dress code is established and is strictly enforced.
    • There is no tolerance for all forms of violence and substance abuse.
Painted Rock Academy offers equal opportunity in employment and enrollment
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